Monday, May 21, 2012


Right now I have two dolls.

I've had these two babies for several months now, but I must say that I am liking them more and more.  Give me a stuffed animal or doll and I'll cuddle with it for a few moments, but up until recently you couldn't actually expect me to carry it around everywhere; I'm not one of those toddlers who you see sleeping with five favorite stuffed animals or dolls or even insisting on taking a favorite one in the car or to the store.

Now that I'm fourteen months old, though, times have changed.  No, you still won't see me dragging around a favorite baby or animals everywhere you go.  You will, however, see me playing with them often.  Especially my two dolls.

Here's a description of each:
1) Madame Alexander "My First Baby": She is very soft and pretty.  I love how her hat comes to a point. This helps me pick her up more easily, especially when she's sitting in her stroller.  I know that good mommies shouldn't pick up their babies by their hats, but I'm only 14 months old - what do you expect?  Her body is soft and cuddly.  Since she has a plastic head and hands, she's great for playing but not for sleeping.

2) Fisher Price Baby's First Doll: Like my Madame Alexander doll, Tricia (my doll's name) is very soft.  In fact, she is soft all over, so she's the special doll that I get to hold in the car or sleep with when I'm away from home.  She's even got rattles in her head, so if I shake her (again, I'm 14 months old, so don't judge me as a bad mommy for shaking my babies) she rattles!  She's also got a couple of pieces of curly blond hair (ribbon) sticking out from under her hat.  When I was a few months younger I loved chewing on these hairs.  They aren't so curly anymore, but that's okay.

There you have it - everything you wanted to know about my two dolls!  Like I said, I love them both but for different purposes.  Will my insight help you purchase the perfect doll for the little one in your life?

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